Adventure is the essence of life’s most memorable experiences. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and embracing the beauty of our world in its most thrilling forms. Here, we explore the top 10 adventures in New York that promise not just excitement, but transformation. 

1. Kayaking the Moose River 

For those looking for the pinnacle of kayaking excitement in New York, the Moose River, especially its Bottom section, offers an unforgettable adventure. It’s a testament to the challenging and thrilling experiences that NY’s natural landscapes have to offer to the whitewater kayaking community.

Located near Lyons Falls, NY at the western edge of the Adirondack Mountains. It is not easy to get to but hey … it’s an adventure. Check out Adirondack River Outfitters for specific trip info. 

2. Hiking the Devil’s Path in the Catskill Mountains

The Devil’s Path is renowned for its steep ascents and descents, rugged terrain, and the physical and mental demands it places on its hikers. If you are looking for the epic of hikes then this adventure is for you. 

Located about 6 miles west of Saugerties, NY, the trail is easy to get to just off the NYS Thruway. You’ll be freakin’ hungry after the hike so head over to Abby’s Restaurant & Bar in Saugerties. They make a great Chicken Cordon Bleu panini.  

3. Hot Air Ballooning Over Lake George

Floating over the absolutes gorgeous landscape of Lake George in a hot air balloon will leave you speechless. It’s a peaceful yet exhilarating adventure that allows you to see the magic in the world from a new perspective.

Ballooning Adventures  is our recommendation for this adventure but there are other organizations that offer similar thrills. About a 4 hour drive from NYC, Lake George is an easy destination to get to and plenty of stuff to do after your morning adventure. 

4. Ziplining Through the Beautiful Mountains of Upstate NY 

Many who hear the word zip lining automatically think adventure. Upstate NY’s beautiful scenery offers an incredible backdrop for flying through the trees. Mountain Ridge Adventure, about 30 minutes west of Albany, NY and about 2.5 hours from NYC is the top rated zipline park in upstate NY. Offering not only zip lining but also aerial adventure obstacle courses, this place has the name “Adventure” in its moniker so enough said!

5. Skiing the Adirondack Mountains

Skiing in the Adirondack is an adventure in and of itself but the epic mountain to conquer is home to the 1980 Olympics, affectionately called the “Beast of the East”, Whiteface is the epic mountain adventure waiting for you. 3,500’ of vertical and 300 acres of terrain, if you can’t find adventure here then it is time to take up knitting. 

For detailed info visit 

6. Breaking the Waves on Fire Island

Nothing screams adventure than breaking through the magnificent force of a pounding wave. NY has some of the best beaches in the country with miles upon miles of soft sand and never-ending surf ready to be breached. Head over to Fire Island, the barrier island protecting the mainland of Long Island for a sunny day of adventure. 

7. Rock Climbing the Gunks

The Gunks (short for Shawangunks) is not only the premier rock climbing area in NY but it is one of the premier climbing spots in the whole country. Located near New Paltz, NY, the Gunks is about 85 miles from the NYC and just off the NYS Thruway so easy to get to.  With a varied level of climbs this sport screams adventure. 

8. Cliff Jumping into Pristine Waters of Upstate NY

Just outside of Minnewaska State Park in the Mohonk Preserve, is a place called Split Rock Hole. The exciting adrenaline adventure of jumping into a gorge will cause the hair on the back of your neck to scream, “Let’s do that again!”

9. Hand Gliding Like a Bird Just North of Manhattan

Hanger 3 is a company specializing in heart-pumping tandem hand gliding flights in Middletown, NY just about an hour north of NYC. Thrill seekers will get their fix with this epic adventure and craft a lifetime memory. 

10. Skydiving on Long Island

You knew skydiving had to be on this list because let’s be real here, when most people think of the most epic adventure they think skydiving. Long Island Skydiving Center is our pick for a great place to recommend for skydiving. 

Each of these adventures offers a unique way to experience New York in all her glory, challenging us to grow, learn, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of this great state. Whether it’s the serene beauty of a hot air balloon ride over Lake George, the agonizing trek of Devil’s Path, or the heart-pounding thrill of ziplining at Mountain Ridge Adventure, the essence of adventure lies in the joy of discovery and the courage to explore the unknown.

Adventures like these are more than just activities; they are transformative experiences that remind us of the richness of life and the power of nature. They encourage us to push beyond our limits and give us a reason to explore all that life has to offer.